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3 Ways To Maintain Your Braids So They Last Longer

I love getting my hair braided, and I am sure you love getting your hair braided too. I love the sexy feeling I get from new braids and the numerous compliments and attention I get. I often take pictures of my new braids and post it on Facebook, showing myself in different outfits and in different environments! No, I’m not an attention whore, but beauty must be flaunted. Yes, new braids are cool. Yes, new braids are sexy. Yes, new braids bring tons of compliments. But new braids must be protected, so you can get value for your money. Below are three quick Classy Braids’ tips for maintaining your braids so they last a bit longer.

1) Wear a Headwrap at Bedtime. If you do not already do this at night, then you must start because covering your hair at bedtime has several benefits. Firstly, this would prevent your hair from tangling as you toss and roll about. Secondly, this would prevent your hair from breaking. Thirdly, this would prevent the oils from the hair leaking into pores on your face, so you do not get breakouts and blemishes. In short, braids or no braids, you should wear a headwrap at night. Your hair and your face will thank you.

2) Wash Your Braids. As time goes by after getting new braids, sweat can make moisture build up in your hair. Also, dead skin cells and dust can build up leading to itchy scalps. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, it is recommended you wash your hair at least once every other week, since it would be unrealistic to wash it everyday while wearing a braid. Some people feel better simply stepping in a shower and washing their hair. If that works for you, then great do that. An alternative way would be to dry wash your hair using dry shampoo or to part your hair into sections and simply use a damp cloth, shampoo, and some warm water to wipe your scalp.

3) Redo Your Edges. Your hair is always growing, even after getting your hair braided. As a result, with time, your pretty, sexy braids will start to look a bit old. The best way to keep your hair looking fresh and new like you just got it braided is to get your edges done after a few weeks.

Braids are cool, and braids are sexy. Braids are one of the best ways to get the perfect look! After spending roughly about $200 to get the perfect braided look, certainly you would want to make your braids last. Wearing a headwrap at bedtime, washing your braids every other week, and getting your edges redone after a couple of weeks will go a long way towards you getting real value for your money while maintaining your sexy, perfect look!

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