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How To Pick A New Hair Braiding Salon

From time to time everyone of us have to pick a new hair braiding salon. Either because we moved to a new place or our old salon is no longer working for us as it is not providing the kind of quality or customer service it used to provide. When that time comes how do you go about picking a new salon? Here are four quick tips on how to go about picking a new hair braiding salon.

1) Environment. When picking a hair braiding salon, most of us tend to focus on the interior of the salon. While the interior of a salon is no doubt important, equally important is the salon's external environment. The external environment surrounding a salon will tell you how safe you will be going into the salon or how safe you would be coming out at night after getting your hair done or how much of a hassle it would be getting to the salon. One of the major components for figuring out the type of environment the salon is located in is checking out the neighborhood where the salon is. If the salon is located in a neighborhood you live in, then this would be easy to do because as a resident, you would already have knowledge about the neighborhood. However, if you do not live in that neighborhood, it would serve you well to drive around a bit to get a sense of what the neighborhood is like and the types of people walking or standing about and what those people are doing. If the neighborhood the salon is in gives you the creeps, then most likely that is not a salon you should be visiting. In addition to the neighborhood the salon is located in, another environmental issue to pay attention to is how well-lighted the salon is at night and whether or not undesirable characters hang out in front or near the salon. If the outside of the salon is poorly lighted at night and undesirable characters hang outside or around the salon then stay away from that salon or you could be endangering your life.

2) Service. In addition to the environment, when picking a salon, the next thing to focus on is the service. Personally, I am a big stickler for service. I love it when businesses treat me with courtesy. It shows how much they care and how important they take my business, making it easier for me to come back to that store or shop or facility. I believe strongly in the motto that "if they won't treat you well, they don't deserve your money!" The moment you walk into a salon, pay attention to how you are treated. Are you acknowledge? Greeted? Given a seat? Told by a staff member that they would be right with you? Also, how long did you have to wait before being attended to? Five minutes? Ten minutes? Thirty minutes? One hour? It's easy to ignore these basic things, but believe me, if they can't do these basic things how would you expert for them to treat your hair or to treat you when you point out issues about your hair? I am a firm believer that if a business is not professional in the most basic things it would be easier for them not to be professional in the most important things. The fact is if your money matters, then how you are treated also matters. And if they cannot treat you well, then they don't truly deserve your money. It's that simple.

3) Quality. Nothing sucks more than to sit in a salon for about three hours to get your hair done and pay your hard-earned money, only to leave and a day later you notice your braids falling or coming apart. Imagine being in a top sales meeting and your braids start coming apart or on a stage and something like that happens! How embarrassing! Tons of braiders cut corners, especially braiders who float from salons to salons. That is why I am usually suspicious of salons with tons of braiders. Sure, they will get your hair done quick, but at what price? At the price of a poor job? The fact is your sexiness matters! Your cuteness matters! It matters to your loved ones and to the world! And that's why quality braids matter!

4) Professional Braiders. I have been to salons where braiders were so unprofessional it made me sick to my stomach! You know, the kind of salons where braiders talk so loudly over your head in some foreign language like they are fighting while braiding your hair? Don't get me wrong. I come from a large family, so I am used to being in loud environments. But when you are getting your hair braided and they are pulling your hair and your head is hurting, even the smallest noise gets on your nerves. You deserve an environment of peace and tranquility, so you can relax and get your hair done. If the braiders would not make that possible, then maybe you need to walk away or run fast!

Yes, picking a new hair braiding salon can be daunting and often requires patience. However, paying close attention to the environment a salon is located in, the service a salon provides, the quality of braids you get, and how professional the braiders or staff in a salon are goes a long way towards easing your mind. You will do well to pay attention to these four points the next time you set out to pick a new hair braiding salon. Your beauty will thank you!

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